Beyonce Covers ‘Snatch’ Magazine With Adorable Throwback Picture

Beyonce may have more unflattering rumors to fight off after her latest international magazine feature hits stands.

The editors of Snatch magazine dug into the archives of Beyonce’s picture library to find their latest cover.

A throwback shot of the “Grown Woman” singer from her tap dancing days as a little girl is being featured on the French magazine. The shot looks fairly innocent as Bey is perched on a chair while flashing her sweetest smile.

Loosely translated from French, the cover lines make it seem like Bey might be covering something up. “The baby doll of mama dollars: Beyonce,” the cover reads. “But what does she hide under the throne?” 

Loosely translated from French the article reads as below.


Beyoncé is everything. Artist and business idol and big sister, survivor of the music industry and spearheaded the 2014 pop. From her hardcore fans who live their passion both offline and online, to an interview with her first manager and going through some portraits of satellites that make up her entourage, we have attempted to detail the anatomy of a queen and her court..  Beyoncé


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