Girls Tyme Making a Child of Destiny Movie Review

By Aliex Billington @filmfirstrevie2

The year was 1993. The place was a soundstage in Los Angeles where the talent show STAR SEARCH was being taped. There was an electric atmosphere as four pre-teen girls (which included the young Beyonce Knowles) took to the stage with passion, excitement and the name “Girls Tyme”. Offstage, a woman stood with a beaming smile watching “her girls” give an impressively polished and energetic performance.

The woman watching just offstage with the beaming smile? That would be Andretta Tillman – the woman behind “Girls Tyme”. A woman who has remained a relative unknown…until now. GIRLS TYME: MAKING A CHILD OF DESTINY is a documentary designed to highlight and credit an extraordinary woman who faced intense tragedy and personal illness and still built an important legacy that deeply impacted the lives of those close to her.

Andretta Tillman – or “Miss Ann” as everyone refers to her (a sign of genuine respect) – was indeed an inspiring mentoring figure. After losing her husband and daughter in a horrific car accident and battling lupus, Miss Ann channels her energy into creating musical success stories for the local young folks. She teaches them discipline, performance and even business acumen, culminating in her Beyonce-led “Girls Tyme” band competing on national television’s Star Search. Although they lost that round to the much older, all-male rock bank “Skeleton Crew”, “Girls Tyme” lays the groundwork to eventually morph by 1997 into one of the most popular music groups ever: Destiny’s Child.

In the end, I was moved by the testimonials of all the people Andretta Tillman inspired as well as her life’s story. Andretta Tillman’s life was certainly one that was well-lived and worthy of aspiration… If you are a fan of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child this is a must see.

The movies gets 3.5 stars out of 5.0

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Andretta Tilman – A women airbrushed from the history of one of the biggest stars on the planet.

Twenty years ago in Houston, Texas there was a lady with a vision. Andretta Tilman would use her knowledge of the music industry and here unmistakable eye for talent to seek out the most precocious young female musicians in the Lone Star State, The girls she would select to work with would go on to make a mark in the industry that will never be forgotten.

Andretta Tillman truly was the driving force in launching the legendary careers of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child.

Beyoncé has become widely recognized as the greatest entertainer of the current music era, and Destiny’s Child, one of the most successful female groups of all time.

The unmistakable panache and ‘It’ factor displayed by Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child on stage, was rooted in them through Andretta’s influence and tutelage. From the genesis of Girls Tyme to the meteoric heights to which they would rise

The hidden part of the story is Andretta’s enormous contribution and sacrifice to set the girls on their way to the very top. Hidden that is, until now.

In the new Amazon movie release, Girls Tyme “Making a Child of Destiny” Documentary details Andretta’s contributions to the rise of Queen Beyoncé and her Destiny’s Child mate

It is a story full of dizzying highs, shocking lows that ended in triumph for Beyoncé and tragedy for Tilman.

Along with her husband ……, the Tilmans had long dreamed of breaking into to the music industry and when a tragic car accident in October 1996, took the life of …… along with that of her two year old daughter….Andretta refused to let the dream die along with her loving husband and adored daughter. She drew on their inspiration to become even more determined and focused on her family’s goals than ever before.

For Andretta, the ……young ladies she hand-picked for Girls Tyme became her surrogate family.

Investing every last penny she had in making the girls and her own dream come true she would confound the doubters and secure Beyoncé and her band mates’ first record deal with Sony.

But the realization of a dream quickly turned into a nightmare as the outside influence of amongst others, Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles, Who Andretta knew would eventually tear the group apart.  Ultimately leaving Andretta Tilman contributions forgotten and her heartbroken as she laid on her death bed 1997.

Girls Tyme The Trailer for New Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Documentary Released

Trailer for Girls Tyme – Making a Child of Destiny explores Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Rise to fame, and the sacrifices of forgotten manager and group creator Andretta Tillman.

Andretta Tillman

Since Destiny’s Child burst on to the music scene in 1997, the picture has been painted of how Mathew Knowles helped his golden child daughter, Beyonce, and the other members of Destiny’s Child, achieve phenomenal success. However, there is a large part of the story that has not been told, or omitted, that being the contribution made by Andretta Tillman.
Directed by Gigi Githoro, Girls Tyme – Making a Child of Destiny tells unforgettable and heart-wrenching story of Tillman’s losses, and sacrifices, and reveals a compelling and detailed expose’ of who Andretta Tillman was, what she contributed to the careers of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, and how she secured both the Columbia/Sony record deals for Destiny’s Child, as well as being the creator and manager of the band until her untimely death from Lupus in 1997.
Created from largely unseen footage and personal interviews, the documentary explores Tillman’s life and struggles in launching Destiny’s Child legendary career and how it affected her, her controversial business dealing with Mathew Knowles and her close management relationship with so many other Houston artists that also rose to fame under her guidance.
e sought to give full credit and a voice to the main person who was the true champion in launching Beyoncé Knowles and Destiny’s Child careers, she sacrificed all,” remarked Michael Ferguson, Dousic Media Group head of original programming and production.

The documentary features interviews with Gospel great Kathy Taylor, Original Girls Tyme/Destiny’s Child members Nina and Niki Taylor. Former Co-manager Kenny Moore, Super Producer Cory Mo, Former Rap a Lot recording group Flaj, destiny’s Child first choreographer Harlon Bell, and members of Andretta Tillman family.

Girls Tyme – Making a Child of Destiny “The Andretta Tillman Story” is set to be released on the 30th of June 2017 and will be available online and On Demand on August 15th, 2017.

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Beyoncé Former Manager Signs Deal on Her Death Bed.

Long before Mathew and Tina Knowles were protecting Beyoncé from the dreads of the music industry and reporters. They proved they would do anything to protect Beyoncé interest. As the bombshell biography Becoming Beyoncé, by J. Randy Taraborrelli, continues to make headlines, Andretta Tillman friends Pat Felton speaks exclusively on seeing Andretta Tillman signing documents on her death bed at the request of Tina Knowles.

On that Friday morning Andretta seemed much better, after having a terrible time, suffering a heart attack and kidney failure. As Cholotte and I walked up to Andretta’ room doorway, much to our surprise we saw Andretta and Tina. Ann was sitting upright in bed signing documents. She details in Becoming Beyoncé. ”After she finished, Andretta handed the documents back to Tina, who inserted them into a manila envelope. “You really do look so much better to me,” Tina told her. “I’ll check on you later, Ann,” she said. “God bless you.” She held Andretta’s hand for a few moments before taking her leave, nodding at Pat and Cholotte as she departed.”  Felton states she asked “Ann, what in the world were you doing?” you are in intensive care, “Are you okay to sign documents?” Ann then said “Oh, it was nothing,” “Just some papers having to do with Destiny’s Child.”  Felton stated “Ann should not have been signing anything in her condition especially not legal documents.” “I didn’t know if Ann had called Tina, or how Tina ended up being there with these papers. It really concerned me.”  According to the book by J. Randy Taraborrelli we now know what was in the document she was signing, Destiny’s Child Management papers that would be used to take money away from Tillman’s sons in a future lawsuit

Felton recalls,   ” About an hour later we waited in a small room. Suddenly a set of double doors swung wide open and out came Andretta on a gurney, surrounded by a medical team. That rushed her back to ICU were she later died.

The Making of a Child of Destiny “The Andretta Tillman Story”, a memoir by Tillman’s Partner and Knowles family friend Brian Moore, claimed at Tillman funeral he and Mathew Knowles had a dispute.Where Knowles appeared to be out of control as he said some unkind words about Tillman before storming off and not attending the services.

Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, could barely hide his rampant drug use.

Mathew was known to go in Tillman “garage to do cocaine or other drugs” during rehearsals for Beyonce’s group, Moore claimed. He “would come back ranting and raving … yelling and carrying on,” and would attend important meetings about her future career “high as a kite.”

Cocaine was only one of his vices. An admitted sex addict, Mathew often cheated on wife Tina, the book said. According to the new blockbuster biography, Becoming Beyonce, desperate Tina even once turned to drug dealing brown for help. Moore claims Tillman confronted Brown, and asked him if he was supplying Knowles with drugs, a claim he denied.

But even as those around Knowles began to notice his frequent drug-induced rages, he only “increased … his drug use,” Moore wrote. “It was getting out of control. He started lying even more to Tina and giving her the impression that there were meetings going on … Mathew used them as a cover for extramarital affairs with different women.”

And Tina would not take it. Brown told Radar that tensions between Tina and Mathew Knowles often boiled over into explosive fights. “Have you seen the show ‘Empire’?” he joked. “That whole thing between them was like ‘Empire’ before the TV show!” He eventually went to rehab for sex addiction and the couple’s divorce was finalized in 2011.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s best friend and another member of Girl’s Tyme, LaTavia Roberson, was living her own private hell as she was repeatedly molested by a Houston cop, the book alleged.

LaTavia has since confirmed the abuse, and according to Brian, it was that incident and witnessing Mathew’s rages that turned Beyoncé from a sweet Houston girl to a ruthless international pop icon.

“After this Beyoncé started to get thick skin,” he wrote. “She was more edgy and protective. You could see Beyoncé sort of grow up.”

UNSUNG HEROES of Becoming Beyoncé

Author J. Randy Taraborrelli’s

Andretta Tillman

Andretta Tillman

Without a doubt, one of the most important figures in the professional career of Beyoncé Knowles is a woman has gone largely unrecognized: Andretta Brown Tillman. Popular and well-known in her community, only a few close friends of hers, such as her most trusted confidante, Brian Kenneth Moore – known as “Kenny” – knew the truth about “Ann,” as many of her friends called her. “Sometimes it took every bit of strength she could muster just to get through the day,” said Kenny. “She’ suffered personal and unspeakable tragedies.” Andretta, who was raising two boys – Armon and Chris – was battling lupus disease. Despite the ravages of this progressive disease, she somehow managed to take the reigns of Girls Tyme from Deborah and Denise to then coach the group (which ultimately became Destiny’s Child) to its first level of success. One of my intentions with Becoming Beyoncé was to make certain that Andretta be recognized and acknowledged for everything she did – all of the sacrifices she made – not only for Beyoncé, but for all of the youngsters she so beautifully mentored in her short but fulfilling lifetime.

Brian "Kenny" Moore

Brian “Kenny” Moore

Kenny was not only Andretta Tillman’s business partner, he was also her very close friend. A very good story in Becoming Beyoncé has to do with Girls Tyme’s recording session for “Blue Velvet” on October 10, 1991, the song written by Tony Mo. Kenny recalls that Ashley Davis – the original lead singer – as having a difficult time in the studio with it. Repeatedly, she worked on perfecting the melody, but with little success. Meanwhile, he says that as he and Beyoncé sat on the other side of the glass booth waiting for Ashley to finish, he couldn’t help but notice how fidgety Beyoncé was in her chair. She just wanted to get the session over with, especially if all she was going to do was just sit and watch. “Well, do you think you can sing it better?” Kenny asked her. “Yes, Mr. Kenny,” she answered, “I sure do.” He studied her for a moment and realized that she wasn’t kidding: she believed she could nail the song. Kenny then suggested that they put Beyoncé in the studio and give her a shot. Of course, Beyoncé knocked it out of the ball park …